The projects inside Egypt :

Nile City towers project Al aen Al sokhna port project Port Said project Dimiat port project Toshky project and station of the gigantic raising in south of valley Al Azhar tunnel project the Torgman parking project San Stefano towers project in Alexandria Elrehab City Current Electricity (Menia) (Mansoura) Alkahira Alfatimia repair project Elhamam City electrical repair project practical project of nets outlet city of the scientists (Matrooh) Alsba pond project water phosphate north of Helwan project Electricity channels of Port Said and Alnobaria Bektl petroleum Alexandria.

The projects outside Egypt :

Qatar : project (QAFCO4).
Algeria : Cement of Libya .
Libya : Cement of Tunisia .
Saudi Arabia : Cement Alqsym Saudi Arabia .

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