- The crucifixion pipes welded linear:

The solid pipes that welded linear by using the method of electric weld (ERW) occupy a big position in field of the establishments, water transfer lines, the gas, the petroleum, columns of lighting, the aerial nets for transmitting electric current, industrialization of the greenhouses agricultural and the metallic skeletons.

It's Diameter from 0.5 “inch to 12 " inch galvanized and black.

- The solid pipes that welded spiral:

The solid pipes that welded spiral also occupy standing an important position, and that welded by method of weld by obscure arc (SAW) that's for transfer of drinking – waters and irrigation and deflation healthy and for transfer of the petroleum according for specifications institute of the American petroleum APS.

It's Diameter from 10 “inch to 64 " inch galvanized and black.

- For pipes [ symls ]:

- It's high pipes the high quality solid without weld and used in transfer of the gas and the petroleum.

It's Diameter from.0.5 “inch to 32 " inch galvanized and black.

- The geometric square cutters:

It's Diameter from 16[mm] ×16[mm] to 10[cm] × 10[cm]

- The geometric rectangle cutters:

It's Diameter from 10[m] ×20[mm] to 5[cm] × 10[cm]


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